Does this sound like you?

  • You know you need to tackle some of the big projects in your business but aren't sure how
  • You can't afford a coaching program, mastermind, or another online course
  • You wish you could just bounce ideas off of someone who has been there 
  • You just need help in one particular area or on one project
  • You need the flexibility of being able to stay at home without leaving for a few days or sitting at your computer for hours on end
  • You know that if you got the help you need your business would be more profitable and successful


 What would it mean to you and your business if you could:

  • Create an email sequence that is sent to every inquiry to remind then that they should hire you?
  • Create a workflow that made your sales more successful?
  • Start a marketing strategy including a lead magnet, sales page, sales funnel, and follow up process?
  • Learn how to strategize your social media accounts so they actually made you money?

 All of these things will make you more money and more profitable and ALL of these things are what photographers put off over and over and over again because they need help in implementing them.  


 I have the perfect solution for you!! 

Take me to the details

So How Does This Work?

It is super easy

1.  Choose what kind of Voxer Experience you want from the two options listed.  8 Hours or 4 Hours 

2.  Go through the Check Out Process

3.  Choose your day or time slot from the Calendly Link you are sent after check out

4.  Download Voxer to your phone, ipad, and/or desktop

5.  Submit the prework that I give you before our day together so that I am up to speed on what you want to work on

6.  Get ready for a great day of productivity and growth!

Let's Get Started!

Full Day of Voxer Coaching

Get ready to make HUGE strides in your business in one day.  

A full day is perfect for crossing a big project off your list:

  • Create a marketing plan that includes social media posts, Facebook Ads, print media, and networking
  • Create your email sequences for inquiries and follow ups.  
  • Create your email sequences for people who need to hire you in the future
  • Revise your Social Media and Website
  • Fix back end processes like payroll, employee communication, onboarding systems

Working on all these things helps free up your time so you can concentrate on the things you want to be doing to make your business more profitable without more day to day work. 

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Half Day of Voxer Coaching

We can still do a lot in a short period of time.

A half day is perfect for:

  • Learning the fundamentals of marketing
  • Covering how to set up your business legally
  • Goal Setting and Quarterly Implementation
  • Product Selection for your studio
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Sales Techniques for online and in person sales
  • Confidence and Mindset Training
  • Website and online presence review
  • Crossing that medium sized project off your list

 Spending concentrated time on one of these things in your business will create peace of mind for you and create a more profitable and successful business.

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I would love to work with you. 

When I was starting out as a photographer and as I grew my business, I sought out the help of many mentors and coaches.  But most of the time these coaches were simply out of my reach for two different reasons: 

1.  They were simply too expensive or

2.  They wanted a time commitment that I couldn't commit too.  With a family to support and manage it wasn't in my reality to spend a weekend away from home or sit in front of a computer ALL. DAY. LONG. 

As my business grew and I learned more about my craft, I started encountering a different challenge;  I had figured a lot of things out so I didn't need a weekend of in person coaching, a year long Mastermind, or an extended coaching program.  I needed someone who could come in every once in awhile and help me in one specific area of my business.  

At one point I needed help with Facebook ads.  Another time I needed someone to help me walk through setting up an email sequence for my newsletter.  And even another time I needed help with my SEO.  All of those things were very specific and sure, there are tons of Do It Yourself online courses to address those things but what happens when you need a real life person on the other end to bounce ideas off of or give feedback?  

Enter the idea for Voxer Coaching.  This is exactly what I needed and still need occasionally.  A day where I set aside several hours to conquer a problem with immediate feedback from an expert over the course of a few hours.  

Why is this so effective?  Because you can't force ideas in an hour.  You need some space to think sometimes and let things develop.  A Voxer Day allows that space and the immediate, personalized feedback that you require to move a project forward.

This was exactly what I needed as I grew my business.  I know it is what you need too!

Got Questions?

Full Day - 8 Hours



  • Cross things off your list
  • Create a better experience for your clients
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Become more profitable
  • Create more time for the things you love
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Half Day - 4 Hours



  • Cross things off your list
  • Create a better experience for your clients
  • Streamline your workflow
  • Become more profitable
  • Create more time for the things you love
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